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Overview: SaaS Navigation Redesign: Cuts Clicks,
Boosts Efficiency by 40%

Wavebid, the leading white-label auction management platform, empowers auctioneers to effortlessly oversee every facet of their auctions. Our recent redesign has revolutionized the user experience, decluttering, enhancing intuitiveness, and improving user-friendliness. We've streamlined frequently visited pages from 3 clicks to just 1, resulting in an  40% decrease in click-through rates.


Product Designer, UX Researcher


3 Months


Figma, FigmaJam


ATG has 5+ online marketplaces along with a backend, SaaS product to provide an end to end auction experience for consignors, auctioneers and bidders.


  1. Navigation Complexity-most accessed pages are 3+ clicks on the nav

  2. Hidden Features-powerful features are not recognized by new users


  1. Increase Engagement
    KPI: Boost user engagement by 15% within the first quarter post-redesign, establishing Wavebid as the premier platform for ATG auctioneers.

  2. Enhance Efficiency
    KPI: Achieve a 20% increase in key feature utilization, focusing on functionalities like invoice management and customer editing within six months post-redesign.


The outcome was a refined navigation system and information architecture for the SaaS product, Wavebid. We initiated with an in-depth audit to assess feature usage and created a comprehensive site map, addressing the complexity of over 100 pages across different permission levels, including regular users, company administrators, and Wavebid administrators. Following this, through three rounds of research, including an internal card sort, a card sort with auctioneers, and a usability test, we gained insights into user perceptions, item placement, and terminology preferences. Finally, leveraging research findings and industry standards, we delivered pixel-perfect designs, resulting in a 40% drop in click-though-rates resulting  in efficiency for key pages, enhancing platform usability and accessibility.


wvb nav expanded.png




40%  click rate reduction for most viewed pages;  Boosting Platform Efficiency and increasing    access to key features:

In the redesign of the classic version, the goal is to achieve a significant 40% reduction in the click rate for the most viewed pages. This metric serves as a key indicator of our success in streamlining navigation and enhancing user experience. By optimizing the pathway to frequently accessed features such as "Edit/Add Customer," "All Invoices," and "Export Monitor," the aim is to substantially improve platform efficiency. This reduction in clicks signifies a more direct and user-friendly journey, ensuring that auctioneers can effortlessly access essential features, ultimately boosting overall productivity and satisfaction.

Enhanced Seller Value and Engagement:

Through our comprehensive research process, sellers expressed a newfound sense of value and recognition. Their excitement underscores the success of our user-centric approach, demonstrating that their voices have been heard and incorporated into the redesign. This heightened seller satisfaction not only fosters a positive user experience but also strengthens the relationship between Wavebid and its users, contributing to increased engagement and loyalty within the auctioneer community.

Note: It's important to highlight that these  are short-term impacts  observed, and the long-term effects will be closely monitored post the anticipated EOY 2024 release of the new version.


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