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SPC Impact Event Website Redesign: 13% Boost in 72 hours

This project involved a redesign for GreenBlue's nonprofit organization, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The client sought an eye-catching, informative design with a clean, modern feel. The goal was to attract more signups.


Web  Designer




October 2022


The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) a nonprofit, within the umbrella of Greenblue, is a collaborative organization focused on making packaging more sustainable. With a membership-based approach, they advocate for industry-driven improvements to create packaging that benefits both people and the environment. SPC's mission involves bringing together stakeholders to drive actionable changes in packaging systems, with a focus on innovation, policy, recovery, and packaging design.

SPC Impact is the flagship spring event of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Over 800 packaging and sustainability professionals representing the entire packaging value chain come together for 3 days to learn, discuss, get inspired and bring back actionable takeaways.


Home Page

Homepage design functions as a comprehensive preview of the entire event, offering tantalizing glimpses of what attendees can expect. The top section, above the fold, presents all event details succinctly while leveraging bold design elements and statistics to captivate attention and emphasize the event's impactful nature, cleverly tying into its theme, "Impact"

Home Page part 2.png
Home Page.png
Home Page Part 4.png
Home Page Part 3.png

 Agenda Page

The Agenda page is designed with both efficiency and user-friendliness in mind, offering seamless navigation through search, sorting, and filtering features for optimal information absorption and effortless exploration of scheduled events. Its clean and easy-to-scan design further enhances user experience, ensuring a smooth and intuitive browsing experience.

Agenda 2.png
Agenda Page 1.png

Speakers Page

The Speakers section of the website holds significant importance as a key incentive for user registration. This page is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive details about each speaker, including their respective company names prominently displayed atop their names to enhance search engine optimization (SEO) visibility.

Speakers Page 2.png
Speakers Page.png

Registration Page

The     Registration page, featuring tiered ticket options, is pivotal, necessitating detailed listings for each tier. Ensuring easy scalability and proper hierarchy, the information is structured to facilitate swift comprehension and decision-making for potential registrants.

Registration Page 1.png
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