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Hi there! I'm Radhika ☺
I'm a UX & Digital Designer passionate about crafting compelling design solutions driven by empathy. With strong visual design and strategic UX thinking, I create impactful experiences for users, brands, and companies. Let's work together!
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Product Design | User Testing and Research

SaaS Navigation Redesign: Cuts Clicks, Boosts Efficiency by 40%

Wavebid, the leading white-label auction management platform, empowers auctioneers to effortlessly oversee every facet of their auctions. Our recent redesign has revolutionized the user experience, decluttering, enhancing intuitiveness, and improving user-friendliness. We've streamlined frequently visited pages from 3 clicks to just 1, resulting in an  40% decrease in click-through rates.

mockup wavebid 3_edited.jpg
Product Design | Competitor Analysis | UI Design

Mobile Inventory Management Redesign  for 3500+ Auction Houses to Drive Revenue through Increased Bids

I shaped the vision for our redesigned mobile app, aligning it seamlessly with the desktop version. Emphasizing quick, inventory-focused actions over traditional event-centric approaches, our goal is to enhance user-friendliness and efficiency, mirroring e-commerce patterns for a comprehensive auction experience.

NEXUS cover image.png
Product Design | Research | Branding | Web Design

Creating Inclusive Campus Connections with ASD Students

A mobile application designed to foster healthy relationships among on-campus ASD students, roommates, residential life staff, and ASD advisors. Dive into how this innovative program provided valuable resources and learning materials, creating a welcoming and inclusive community appreciated by both ASD students and residential life.

SPC Events Website
Web Design | Branding

SPC Impact Event Website Redesign: 13% Boost in 72 hours

This project involved a redesign for GreenBlue's nonprofit organization, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The client sought an eye-catching, informative design with a clean, modern feel. The goal was to attract more signups.

Web Design | Digital Design

Music Tech:Vydia's Digital Assets

Music labels and music arts with the technology to release their music.  I  created marketing materials which included social media graphics, ADs, music clips, one pagers, and case studies. 

Radhika is a rising star in the field of design. She possesses a remarkable skill set that includes a solid foundation in design and UX principles, problem-solving prowess, and well-honed research skills complemented by a keen analytical mindset.

It was evident to me from the very beginning of my time working with her at ATG that she has an exceptional ability to quickly learn new skills and apply them, take the lead in successful workshops, and drive insightful research initiatives to identify critical issues. Her collaborative spirit was a standout quality, as she seamlessly integrated with Product Managers and Engineers, even those with limited prior interaction with designers.

Radhika consistently exceeded expectations and possesses remarkable adaptability in the face of challenges. She is poised for continued success in her career.

Misook Ji

 Head of Design  at Auction  Technology Group

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